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How Recognition by DesignRush Elevates Our Commitment to Excellence

Updated: May 10

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, recognition from a prestigious industry leader not only highlights an agency's capabilities but also sets the benchmark for its operational standards. Vigor LaunchPad, an Exponential marketing and advertising agency based in Mumbai, recently achieved a significant milestone by receiving a badge of honour from DesignRush.


What is DesignRush?

DesignRush is a reputable Agency directory to finding the best professional agencies categorised by their areas of expertise. DesignRush analyses and ranks hundreds of agencies to help brands find companies that best meet their needs. The badge from DesignRush indicates that an agency has surpassed industry standards in performance and client satisfaction.

Vigor LaunchPad's Path to Recognition

Founded on the principles of creativity, integrity, and perseverance, Vigor LaunchPad has pushed the boundaries of digital marketing. From humble beginnings to becoming one of Mumbai’s most innovative agencies, our journey signifies the relentless pursuit of excellence. 

Key Milestones

Over the years, we've achieved several milestones that reflect our growth and commitment. These include expanding our service offerings from not just SEO and PPC but also into emerging areas like social media analytics and influencer partnerships. Our innovative campaigns for major brands have driven exceptional results. And also set new benchmarks for creativity and efficiency in the industry.

Strategies for Success

Our approach to digital marketing is comprehensive and data-driven. One of our standout strategies was the use of advanced AI tools to tailor ads and content to user behaviour.Our commitment to continual learning and adaptation has allowed us to stay ahead of market trends while delivering exceptional results.

Impact of Recognition on Vigor LaunchPad

Internal Impact

Receiving the DesignRush badge has invigorated our team. It serves as a reminder of what we can do through hard work and ingenuity, inspiring us to work even harder. It is a proud event that improves morale and reinforces our internal dedication to excellence.

Enhancing Credibility

This accolade boosts our credibility in the digital marketing space. It reassures current and prospective clients about our experience and ability to provide high-quality, results-driven marketing solutions. It also increases our position in a competitive market, establishing us as an industry leader and attracting talent and clients.

Attracting Talent and Clients

Such achievements make our organisation a beacon for the best talent who are keen to work in a reputable and fulfilling setting. It also appeals to businesses seeking demonstrated competence in digital marketing. 

Our Future Goals & Commitments

Continued Excellence

Vigor LaunchPad is dedicated to upholding the excellent standards that have earned us this designation. To guarantee that we provide the finest service possible to our clients, we continue to optimise our processes, invest in training our workforce, and put in place cutting-edge technologies.

Innovative Strategies

Looking ahead, we plan to expand our reach into new digital arenas, including mobile marketing and virtual reality campaigns. Our goal is to keep up with industry trends and set them.

Community and Industry Engagement

Vigor LaunchPad believes in giving back to the community and the industry that has given us so much. We will continue to conduct workshops and seminars to help other aspiring marketers understand businesses and use the power of digital marketing.


Receiving the DesignRush badge is more than a recognition of previous success. It is a directive for the future, compelling us to continue our pursuit of excellence as we celebrate this accomplishment. We invite you to join us in this exciting chapter as we seek new horizons in digital marketing.

Final Thought

Innovation and excellence are at the core of everything we do at Vigor LaunchPad. This recognition reaffirms our commitment to not just meet but exceed expectations.

Pravash Katuwal - Founder Of Vigor Launchpad

Pravash Katuwal, founder, Vigor LaunchPad.

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